use in elastic mounting applications involving free-standing generators as well as other industrial machinery, these O Mount options offered to come with advantages of providing insulating support to the noise generated as well as dampening of the vibrations. Other than generators, these O mounts are also suitable to be used for machines like stationary diesel engines and emergency power units among others. Further, these also offer support to the needs of height adjustment that allows optimum levelling of the generator. Other than this, the stop provision provided with mounts also allows safe transmission of tensile stress in case of short circuit. Our expertise lies in also developing custom mounts to meet demands of specific machinery system.


  • Different Sizes
  • Hard framed
  • Easy to use


Cylindrical mounts, also called cylindrical bobbins or bobbin mounts are commonly used for both active and passive vibration suppression as well as shock and structure-borne noise control. Cylindrical vibration isolators can be installed in both compression and shear designs.

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